Saturday, April 28, 2018

HWKR Food Centre, CBD MELB

Two weeks ago, the sister and I finished work at close to 5pm, both equally weary after an intensive day. Train commuters like ourselves loathe being packed like a can of sardines during peak hours and so, we decided to have dinner prior to heading home.

HWKR has been around for a few months now and a place that I have avoided knowing that there is a potential line up for dinner. At 5.30pm, we managed to easily get seats and food arrived at our table in good time.

Akin a hawker establishment, diners simply need to head to the various food counters for ordering. Just remember to take note of the table number!

First up was Chanteen, made famous by Masterchef winner Diana Chan. With a Malaysian inspired menu, all ringing familiar bells in my tummy, I was drawn towards the char kuey teow and have ordered a barley drink to share with the sister.

The verdict? Easily one of the better char kuey teows in Melbourne. Albeit costing a bit more compared to other places, you do get what you have paid for. Generous amount of ingredients, all cooked to perfection.

Next up was Khao, also an Asian inspired hawker outlet. We shared a plate of the roasted Shanghai duck and a bowl of lotus chips. Duck was decent although not something I would rave about. Chips were well seasoned and extremely addictive.

No visit to HWKR is complete without a glimpse of KOI, established by a Masterchef favourite based in Sydney. Would loved to have a taste of his freshly prepared desserts but both of us could only manage a petite piece of cake each.

Loved what we have ordered - vibrant tasting, not overly sweet and each ingredient worked harmoniously with each other. Worth the calories for sure. Sadly, KOI's last day is on the 29th of April and so, it would take a plane and train ride to visit them in Sydney.

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