Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rustica, Hawthorn MELB

Melbourne's weather has been rather pleasant over the last couple of days and after recovering from a crippling cold that left me bedridden for a couple of days, catching up with a friend over brunch was a much needed break from my indoor routine.

A small, albeit comfortable cafe that has an appropriate amount of spacing between tables (unlike a few crammed establishments that I have been to), Rustica was the perfect location for exchanging small talk over a cup of warm coffee.

Soy lattes and strong latte - whenever my immune system weakens, I tend to have obvious breakouts on my face..which brings me to a dairy free diet for the next few days or weeks to recover. Didn't mind the latte at all although would have liked it to be a little warmer.

 Slow roasted lamb baguette - I pinched some off R as he was seemingly struggling to finish this, purely because he did not expect to be served an entire mini baguette which was generously stuffed with lamb meat and comes with a side serve of spinach leaves. Baguette was pillow-y soft and had the right amount of crispness to it aka neither too chewy or soggy moist.

 Chilli scrambled eggs with bacon, spring onion and manchego cheese on sourdough - scrambled eggs done and creamy with hints of bacon well dispersed in the mix. Sourdough's texture is topnotch just like the baguette's texture. Am not a fan of hard and dry sourdoughs which are, unfortunately, common at a lot of places as not only would it be useless at absorbing the juices/sauce from the other ingredients, but also because it hurts to chew! For those who have a sourdough phobic, I would highly recommend trying out Rustica's version :)

Eggs benedict with tabasco hollandaise fennel, mint salad and pulled ham hock - Pinched some off the sister and yes, it was delicious. For $21, this was a pretty generous serve of eggs benedict aka copious amount of golden hollandaise sauce served atop a refreshing salad mix and ham hock.

Overall, I had thoroughly enjoyed the food here and wouldn't mind coming back to try their donuts on my next visit which were sold out by the time we finish :(

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