Saturday, February 12, 2011

baking or painting?

Second week of uni down! Another 6 more weeks to go. I've no painted/ drawn anything since my SAM years. My hand's itching for some artistic and baking goodness! As valentine's day is around the corner, I've decided to get creative with baking by using a bit of food colouring and hopefully, brighten up my cakes, just like a portrait!:)

Cheesecake makin in the process~~digestive biscuits, sugar, cream cheese, sour cream and hand squeezed lemon juice mixed with lemon zest (burns!!)

Mini cupcake holders. I've used green and pink colours to suite vday:)

Biscuit crumbs~

The base!

Mixing in progress~

Oops..its supposed to be 12 pieces but I ate one out of curiousityxD


Chocolate hearts drawn by slightly solidifying the melted chocolate and carving shapes out of it. Took me an excruciating 20 minutes but I'm happy with the outcome!:D

My chocolate colour palette~

Vanilla buttercream frosting colour palette~

Happy valentine's day! :)

Love can be either sweet, bitter or sour; only you can choose;)

A cupcake version served with grapes~

Ground cinnamon added to biscuit base~

Biscuit base for blueberry cheesecake~

La ingredients~

Egg whites before~

Almost there~


Blueberry galore~

My cheesecake colour palette. Squeezed the blueberries to get a pink-ish colour:)

Pink-ish hew sky colour~

Looks like a beach scenery;)

The hungry boy working out in the kitchen lol~

Blueberry cheesecake! Enjoy;)

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