Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stripes and hearts

Finally a day off to update my blog with some new posts:D Despite the upcoming test (which I am sooo not prepared..sad!=<), I still need some ME time to accomplish my nonsense activitiesxD As today is quite cold for summer, yet the sun is still glimmering through my window, I think this is an excellent opportunity to try on my new knitted jumper and stockings!

I desperately need a tripod for taking self portraits...time to save up!

The jumper's extremely comfortable and it's a very versatile piece. Imagine pairing it with a blazer or wearing it over a maxi dress..good coverage for autumn, winter and early spring. Its definitely a worthwhile investment!

The in-trend stockings of 2010 which I didnt get the chance to wear until today.

Outfit of the day: Zara knitted jumper, Voir shorts, Miss Selfridge stockings, Forever 21 sequin ballet shoes, Diva necklace.

I always find it rewarding to make gifts for people regardless of the occasion. I believe that everybody needs to add a "personal touch" in each present. This symbolizes unique-ness as well as sincerity. In short, a gift must come from the heart and not just a last-minute thought.

Linzer cookies made for a friend's birthday but unfortunately, I couldn't find the appropriate cookie shape for the middle so I had to alter the finishing touches~

I'm super glad that I finally bought a cookie shaper:)

You can add frosting on the cookie or even some finely chopped cherries:)

I've decided to paint some chocolate onto the cookies (she looves chocolate) and dusted some icing sugar:)

My next baking attempt would be more daring but closer to home and I'm all hyped about it^^


Anonymous said...

lovely outfit!!

Michelle said...

Thanks dearie:)