Saturday, February 5, 2011

Return to Adelaide

Possibly one of the toughest things I had to do in life: walking out of my comfort zone and heading to the unknown path, something most of us have to do at one point in time:)

Me at the airport overlooking the planes~

MH139 flight food~ fish fillet with potatoes and baked vegetables, sticky date pudding, chicken salad, cheese crackers, ferrero rocher and bread. Quite a heavy dinner at 10.30pm!

Ayam masak merah~ the other dinner option available.

Breakfast at 6.00am adelaide time~chocolate muffin, muesli bar and strawberry yoghurt. I didnt manage to finish everything due to lack of sleep and was too busy reminiscing*sigh*

Morning view take 1~

Morning view take 2~

Arrived in Adelaide and passed the quarantine section after 30 minutes. Thankfully, a good friend picked us up and offered us a temporary accommodation until Urbanest opens on 1st feb.


Nghi Ngan Quan Vietnamese Restaurant

Apologies for forgetting the exact location of this outlet but google is always available? hehe

Beef soup noodles~nice!

Claypot rice~quite expensive and heavy as a single serve. Would recommend sharing this.

The evening view from Mawson Lakes~

Dominos pizza for dinner~

Garlic bread


Fried spring rolls for lunch on the following day~

Wanton soup noodles~

Homemade green curry paste~ took so much time to grind all the ingredients=/

Green curry chicken~ creamy and succulent!:)

Sambal belacan kangkung~


Billy Baxter's breakfast meal~

Rice Chinese Restaurant

A little difficult to find the exact location of the place but overall its not too bad as compared to chinatown's outlet although slightly more expensive.

The menu~

Honey spare ribs~ quite good but too many bones=/

Tofu seafood combination~ scrumptious but I think the seafood needs a little more seasoning.

Smoked tea duck~ recommended dish! Crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside.

Spicy eel~ not my personal favourite but freshness is guaranteed:)

Nightview from Mount Lofty~

The Elephant, Melbourne Street

Dessert outlet I once frequented throughout my stay in north adelaide. Cozy and relaxing atmosphere although it can be crowded at times.

Peach tea~ refreshing.

Apple cake~ very good! Another dish I would also recommend is their sticky date pudding. Both are equally good and value for money. Not overly sweet but do try to avoid the cream=x


Eastern Garden Chinese Restaurant

Once again, I've forgot the exact location of the restaurant. I've sampled their dim sum dishes and I think the quality and quantity is better than the ones in chinatown. Bookings are necessary in order to avoid the lunch queue.

Some of the random dim sum dishes~

Fried taro puffs~ good!:)

Fried money sacks~

Har kao~ not bad but very hot so be careful when eating.

Roast pork bun~ recommended! Fluffy and soft outer texture and juicy pieces of meat.

Egg tarts~ as good as the ones in malaysia! Flaky crust and sweet fragrant filling.

Homemade Hainanese chicken rice~ hahahaha! Took some time but would have done better. Need to find a more reliable source of recipe for this=/



Magnum ice cream for lunch! Sooooo good. Its been almost 3 years since I had one?:P


Caffe Primo

La menu~

Chicken con pollo~ aromatic in taste and generous portions.

Primo's special pizza~ I like the pizza base but they were too generous with the capsicum portionsO.o


Finally settled in Urbanest (had to miss 2 classes just to transfer all my items around). Thank God for providing me with a helpful mover (and at a good price too!) as well as blessing us. The 4 of us sat in the front of the van and we were so closed to getting caught by a passing police car. God does have his own sense of humour huh:)

McDonald's dinner after unpacking for 5 hours? Yeap. Had this at 12am.

Farewell to my treasured clothes hangers. You cant fit into my tiny closet:'(


Chinese New Year eve! Big big night! Mokbie and me spent the whole day cleaning the house as well as doing our grocery shopping.

Pomfret fish for dinner~

Steamed with ginger and spring onions~

Oyster sauce vegetables~

Tapau-ed roast chicken~

Our new year eve's dinner~ simple dishes but done with lots of lovex)


Happy Chinese New Year guys! Spend time wisely with your loved ones as you won't know when will be the next time you could spend with them. Missing all my favourite CNY moments here=(

Amarin Thai Restaurant, North Adelaide

Good Thai fares although slightly more expensive and it's always crowded so do get in early if possible. Portions are slightly less than average but enough to satisfy though:)

Garlic pork~a different version from the one I am used to but still good overall:)

Curry chicken~ creamy and rich base:)

Mango/green apple fried barramundi~ crispy and sweet! My personal favourite but as mango's not in season now, they substituted it with green apple slices. Still good but would have liked the other version:)

That's my week in Adelaide so far. Good moments before my classes start to get more intensive. Can't wait for my next adventure:p

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