Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chuy's Thai Restaurant

We headed up north adelaide for a late dinner last night as we were craving for some thai food:) Haven't had thai food for some time so this is definitely a good change^^ Chuy's restaurant opens until quite late and the chef/ boss is quite a friendly person:)

Garlic chicken~ My favourite. Lots of crunch and garlic-y taste to it:)

Kao pad prik~ lots of authentic thai spices used:)

Thai tom yum~ not too bad although I prefer the one from Amarin Thai.

Pad Kee Moa (drunken noodle)~ one of my favourites from Chuy. Has a smooth yet slightly alcohol taste to it. Not overpowering though:)

Mixed vegetables~ a healthy start before the mains:D

Pad See Eal~ Thailand's version of char kuey teow but more dry:S

I may not be able to update as much in the coming weeks due to heaps of foreseen work to complete. Wish me all the best. Once everything's nicely settled out, I promise there would be heaps of exciting new posts to read:) Wish me luck, guys!!

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