Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Food and friends

A much belated post about my last cookout session with my uni mates few weeks ago:)Wasn't much of a surprise party as some of us would have liked it to be but overall, the food, atmosphere and company was fantastic^^

Sarawak laksa made by the boy~ although 100% identical to Sarawak's version, it wasn't too spicy. Kinda reminded me of west malaysia's version abit hehe. Shall drop by sarawak one day to makan makan hehe:p

Blueberry cheesecake with cadbury chocolate ice cream made by miss A~ yummy cheesecake, not too heavy and not too sweet. Went really well with the ice cream:)

Quiche made by miss E~ very delicious for a first timer. Right amounts of cheesi-ness and bacon/ham pieces. Might attempt this one day after my placement:p

Passionfruit and lychee jelly~ Passionfruit taste was milder compared to the lychee's taste. Might want to try making rose jelly next time (after I find the right rose extract lol). The layers were surprisingly easy to make though:)

Onde onde~ the recipe I've used wasn't the best (dough was tough and molding was lousy because some of it broke when i boiled it). Will upload a better recipe after I improvise on it:)

Looking at all this pics are making me hungry and the scent of rosemary waffling in the kitchen doesn't help one bit:( Am planning on remaking a pandan chiffon cake (masterchef style lol) and may try out some of their other dessert recipes. Will also work on the onde onde so wish me luck!


iliuh.l.a said...

pandan chiffon!!! me wants!

when can we make kaya? =p drools...

michelle_ said...

your photos make me hungry !

Michelle said...

Aww thanks for the comments guys. Made my day:)