Friday, June 24, 2011

Marinara pasta and soup!!

More cooking done at home but sadly, not much pictures taken due to time constraints:( On this week's food menu is yummy soup with slices of lotus roots and chinese cabbage:D Very simple to prepare and certainly healthy. Ideal for those cold, gloomy days;)

I think most people would have a favourite homemade soup recipe so I'm not going to include any here but do contact me if interested. My dad used to add dried squid into the soup for sweetness but this is completely up to your preference;)

Now for the more challenging cooking of the week: Seafood pasta!!:D The boy made it so I just stood around clicking away;)

Fresh mussels~

For some strange reason, my potato and onion grew 'children' recently. Not sure if it's a good thing or notO.o

Attempting to do a classic hand pose but sadly, failed:(

Seafood pasta done!:)

Trip to Jamestown in just 2 more days and I have hardly packed much! Need to figure out the train timetable and also need to recharge my camera just in case..need to buy a few items tomorrow as well. Hopefully nothing bad happens up there. Definitely will upload heaps of pictures of our food (inclusive of recipes and maybe a mini "winter fashion" as it sounds very cold up there).

p.s: hopefully I'll remember some pharmacy related info whilst I'm head's been quite empty since the start of the year-.-

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