Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday surprise: Part 3

So part 2 is dedicated to my cashy generous sister who works so hard just to support her siblings hehe. She decided to bring me out for high tea at Stamford Hotel Glenelg on a very windy day just to chat over a cuppa tea:D

Grand interior decor~

Our view~ protected us from getting sand in our eyes:D

Tea or coffee:D

$36 per person~ thankfully I am not the one paying lol:p


Wagyu beef burger, pate and deep fried prawns in mayo~

I like how my photos always turn out better with good lightings:D

Savoury scones anyone?:D

Macarons~ disappointing as they weren't moist on the inside but rather, tasted like stale biscuits-.- But who am I to complain when everything's freeeeeee :DD

We then hopped over to my brother's place to chillax until dinner time at Sah Mediterranean Restaurant, up in North Adelaide. The staff were very friendly and accommodation:)

Tapas. A Spanish selection of different entrees.

Smoked duck with berry sauce~ I like the smoked flavour heaps:D

Prawns tossed in garlic and chilli oil~

Couscous with herb encrusted chicken~

Tempura prawns and spring onions~

Coq Au Vin~
Crab risotto with soft shell crab~ Its very flavourful but unfortunately for me, if I had known that it's a Spanish restaurant, I would have ordered paella-.-

Overall, Imma happy birthday girl:D So blessed to have foodie family members who are willing to try different things:DD

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