Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crabs eat mango?

How big can a mango be??O.o

Aside from the random-ness of this post, here's a blog post dedicated to the one activity I love to hate, hate to love:)


Fried mantou~ Crunchy on the outside, baby soft on the inside;P

The before frying~ wholemeal for the win!:)

Singaporean chilli crab made by the boy~

And now, time to reveal the size of le mango.

L-R: my hand, boy's hand, mango...mind you, the boy's hands are bigO.o

1 comment:

iliuh.l.a said...

omg! the mango is huge!!! where did you get it?

and why didn't i get any chilli crabs? *sulks*