Friday, February 10, 2012

Burger Foundry

An impromptu outing with my sister and her friend.Thankfully, the friend has a huge appetite and chose this place for lunch:) Been dying to try it out after reading much reviews about it:D

The whole place was fairly small and could only fit about 10 diners at most? We decided to takeaway and enjoy our meal in the comfort of my sister's friend's home ;P hehe.

Fries~ quite lovely although it was soggy by the time we got back:( I reckon this one would be best consumed in the outlet itself:S

My chicken classic burger~

To be honest, I was quite disappointed with my burger because it's not really a burger (more like a sandwich with grilled chicken fillets). I was expecting chicken patties. I'm not complaining about the taste (was deliciousss) but I wished I had ordered the beef burgers as it looks so much better compared to mine ;( No pictures available because some people were busy nom-nom-ing it before I could snap a picture -.-

Would love to have a second visit here soon!

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