Friday, February 3, 2012

Pineapple tarts

A new year calls for a new recipe post! And to start it off with a bang, I have decided to tackle the art of making the pineapple tarts, expensive cookies in Malaysia which are *apparently* super difficult to make that only skilled ladies can!

We shall tee off with 2 grated pineapples. It can get messy but worth be worthwhile in the end:)

Heat grated pineapples over a large surface pan with an anise star and cinnamon sticks. Keep "drying" up the shredded pineapple pieces until it becomes a bit more solid looking:)

I've grated every single last bit of the pineapple!

This is what happens after you add sugar to caramelize it. However, I think mine is slightly overcooked (the jam itself would caramelize without heating so best to undercook it if you are not sure).

Pastries filled with pineapple jam, ready for the oven. I have obtained my recipe from Quite reliable but I still need to master the art of folding it without messing the tart too much.

Don't forget to brush a layer of egg wash over it for that golden brown colour! I have used an oven temperature of 160C but it really depends on how well your oven circulates heat around.

Tadaaaaa~~~~ Doesn't it look awesome?:)

Pack them into Chinese New Year tupperwares and you're ready to go:DD

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