Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Went here for dinner on Saturday and the weather was just right..neither too hot or cold:) And I finally did my ferris wheel shot hehe (although not the best but I'm still working on it:p).

Back to the restaurant story, the place was beautifully decorated. Despite the glamorous interior, one can dress casually here without feeling too awkward.

Prosciutto [Parma, Italy] aged 24 months served with focaccia bread~ generous portions provided and a great way to start the meal:)

Bruschetta of Swiss mushrooms, ricotta salata and olive tapenade~ another delicious appetizer:)

Lamb cutlet, char-grilled with a little pie of goat, peas and carrots~ nicely cooked lamb and creamy pea mash. I'm usually not a big fan of peas but this is an exception ;D

Linguini w local SA seafood: prawns, crab, mussels, cockles and calamari~ seafood was fresh and still retained its original flavours despite undergoing intense heat from the pan. I did find the pasta a little dry for my liking though, but overall, a good dish:)

Tartlet of summer poached peach, crème patisserie & lemon~ a simple dessert but well executed. I like the candied lemon strips and tart base. A refreshing way to end the summer!

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michelle_ said...

the dessert looks delicious !

RE: I think zara shoes are okay.. They last about 2 -3 hours of constant walking at the most for me.. I rarely wear Zara shoes for a whole day because I know they'll cause pain, so my tip is to bring flats along :)

My feet is actually size 37.5 but I buy size 38 so I usually put those foam paddings.. not sure if they help the comfort level or not, but they prevent my feet from getting out of the shoe when i walk :) hope this helps..