Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nanyang Cafe

As a uni student, I can often be seen scouting nearby cafes for a quick bite before I head to lectures/ practical/ tutorial classes. And you might even have seen me dragging myself to a few places nearby for lunch! One of these places would be Nanyang Cafe where affordable Malaysian food can be sourced.

This place can get VERY crowded especially during the infamous lunch hour and so, do ensure that you are not tight on time otherwise you might find yourself gobbling food just 15 minutes before lecture starts! The service there does tend to fluctuate so don't be too upset if you get rudely shoved around (happened to me before!).

Seafood wa tan hor~ delicious and goes well with the pickled green chillies. There is enough gravy to slurp up with your noodles.

Char kuey teow~ probably one of the most authentic ones I have tasted in Adelaide. You can opt to have your's spicy but if chilli hot is not your game, do let them know and they would accommodate to your palate. The noodles have a nice wok flavour to it and isn't overly oily.

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