Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rose Garden Thai Restaurant

Rosegarden is probably one of those rare treasure spots that few have discovered over the years. I do not know when was this restaurant established nor am I familiar with the kitchen staff. After hearing a couple of raves about this place, I thought to myself, why not?

As I was not sure if I should rock up without a reservation, I decided to ring for a table booking just in case the restaurant is fully packed on a Saturday night. Upon arrival, I was surprised that the restaurant had ample of seating area for diners and I was quickly seated. We could not decide on what to have for dinner and hence, requested the waitress to recommend to us a few of the restaurant's top hits.

First up was the seafood tom yum soup. The soup was piping hot and had a good balance of acidity and sweetness to it. We were given generous amounts of fish fillets and prawns in our bowl of soup which is a bonus. Although the fish fillets may have been bought frozen, we did not experience any diarrhoea issues.

Green  curry chicken was another popular item on the menu. It was a mild type of curry dish with, yet again, generous amounts of chicken fillets added in. This dish is best consumed with rice, which acts like a sponge, soaking up all the delicious gravy from the plate.

Salt and pepper squid was something we wanted to try as we rarely have fried squid rings when we venture out for food. The squid pieces had a nice crispy crunchy texture and was not over cooked. It is a nice contrast to the green curry chicken which had loads of curry sauce to go with it.

I could not see this dish on the menu but it was recommended by the waitress so we decided to go ahead with her suggestion. I am very impressed with this dish. Not only did it come out from the kitchen in flames (literally flames) and there was once again, abundant of seafood incorporated in the foil casing.

Upon unwrapping the exterior, we found ourselves with a mild curry type of sauce bathing the seafood pieces. It was very delicious and I can assure you, it was not expensive at all.

Despite a stuffed belly, we decided to have some desserts, knowing that it is our soul's weakness. We sampled their tropical fruit ice cream which had slices of jackfruit and some other fruit that I am unsure of. Rest assured, everything went well with the good ol' vanilla ice cream.

Mango with sticky rice and ice cream~ we loved this dish and wanted more of it but there's only so much sugar that we can handle for the night. A traditional Thai dessert which will always be in an authentic Thai restaurant.

Overall, the service is quite efficient and most importantly, friendly and accommodating. We paid about $56 for all the dishes and thought that it was a pretty good bargain considering that we had a fair bit of seafood on the table. I think I have found a new Thai favourite :)

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