Saturday, March 2, 2013

Publika in Malaysia

Today's blogpost is a bit of an elaboration about my foodie adventures in Malaysia. I am sure most of my friends have been to the places that I am about to describe and having been away for such a long time, I will need to stay in Malaysia for a few months in order to scout out all the tasty Malaysian fare!

Welcome to Publika, a newly opened (maybe 2 years?) food heaven for the younger generation. From Chinese restaurants to sushi bars to dessert cafes and places to have a good booze with friends, this outlet definitely caters for a vast variety of residents. My sister and I were fortunate enough to drop by despite it being the last week for us!

The Bee

If you have a group of friends just love to gossip and share secrets with each other, this would be the place for you. Plenty of seating area, both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor area is nicely decorated with flora and vintage-ish wooden tables and chairs were utilized. Not only do they serve hot food and drinks, but they do have a unique selection of ice cream flavours to choose from. Sadly, most of the flavours have ran out when we popped by:(

Not as creamy as the ones I get in Australia but it still tasted really nice. They do have interesting local flavours such as gula Melaka and Guinness so do give that a go if you're bored of the classic ice cream flavours;)

Overall, I found The Bee to be a tad pricey for drinks but for the sake of a good location and attentive staff service, it's probably worth the sacrifice.

Yeoh's Bak Kut Teh

We did not know where to go for dinner and ended up in the food court. Somehow there's this outlet hidden in the food court? Unorthodox indeed.

Fried you tiao is a must have with bak kut teh. It somehow brings a nice texture and oily element into the broth which makes it sinful and delicious at the same time.

Plenty of seating area as well and service is relatively quick.

Pork ribs in a claypot. Finger licking good despite the mess.

The notorious pot of broth, meat, mushroom and tou fu pok. I do enjoy a nice pot of broth when the weather's gloomy. I feel hungry now :(


Quirky and adorable, anyone? Yes this place cried for my attention, of which, I happily obliged. Too bad for my fellow companions as this is a dessert cafe hehehe.

See what I mean? Why are the Koreans and Japanese always coming up with adorable items to attract my attention?

Modern and contemporary decor sets an easy going atmosphere.

A warm cup of tea to get those conversations rolling.

Korean pancake topped with strawberry jam and a dollop of ice cream...hmmm...

Potato cake. To be honest, this cake is more savoury than sweet. A little heavy as it is quite dense but yummy nonetheless.

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