Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Argo on the Parade

I rarely eat sandwiches these days but when I do, it often reminded me of my school days. I would always have a sandwich for lunch, be it with tuna, egg or even peanut butter and jam (which might explain why I was a chubby kid back then). During my year 12 examination in Malaysia, I had to wake up at 5am-ish and head to my college to sit for my exam in the wee hours of the morning. I can still recall having a chicken sandwich made by my dad which I happily stuffed myself with whilst cramming my brain with some last minute study notes. Even at college, I find myself crawling to the nearest Subway cafe for a quick bite.

At Argo, all these fond memories filled my mind throughout the meal. I was, once again, cramming my face with bread but with family members who have embraced the sandwich-lunch era with me. Some may find that the menu is rather extensive but if you dissect it, it is a simple choice between bread-based options (burgers, wraps, focaccias, hot dogs) , traditional breakfast, salads or sweets.

Having been there before last year, I instantly knew that I wanted to have delicious sandwich prepared by the efficient Argo kitchen team. As usual, the cafe is packed with the brunch crowd but thankfully, we were able to secure a decent table in the cafe. The front counter had a beautiful display of fresh ingredients which is an inviting sight for diners.

The sister opted for a cuppa of coffee to kickstart her day.

Argo Club Sandwich~ two slices of toasted bread sandwiching crunchy lettuce leaves, tomatoes, caramelized onion, roasted chicken breast, grilled bacon, fried egg and wrapping everything up with a good dollop of Argo's homemade mayonnaise. The fried egg still retained a runny yolk consistency and we could taste the freshness of the ingredients used. Judging by the amount of fatty ingredients incorporated, one might think that the bread is over soaked with oil, which, it was not. Bread slices were still crisp :)

Mary had a little lamb burger~ marinated lamb, bacon, tomato, spinach and rocket leaves and fried egg. The lamb pieces were still juicy and succulent. Mary sure had good taste haha.

Argo Benedict ~ poached eggs, bacon, baby spinach leaves on brioche bread topped with Hollandaise sauce. No matter where I go to have egg benedict in Adelaide, I rarely find myself faced with a horrible plate of it and most of the time, I find decent fare which doesn't burn a hole in my wallet. This would be a great example of the egg benedict served at Argo. Theirs may not be the most masterchef-ish ones you have tasted but it still is a pretty good plate that I am happy to have anytime:)

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