Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thanh Thanh

As mentioned before, this is one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants in the city, mainly for its convenient location and good food at affordable prices. I was in a hurry last Sunday but I knew that I had to grab a quick bite otherwise I will be one heck of a grumpy person and within seconds, dragged myself here.

The ticking clock indicated that it is past the lunch hour crowd and judging by the number of empty tables in the restaurant, we felt relieved knowing that our food would be served fairly quickly. Sat down, browsed through their menu and within 5 minutes, a waitress comes to our table to take our order.

Avocado smoothie~ if you are looking for a healthy drink (minus all the unwanted spoons of sugar), I would recommend having this smoothie as it isn't sweet at all. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest sugar rating whilst 10 being the highest, I would rate this 4/10. The lack of added sugar allowed the avocado taste to be more dominant here. Which is ideal if you do like the taste of avocado.

Crispy skin chicken rice~ I love this dish. Crispy chicken atop a bed of steaming rice, served with accompanying sauce and soup. The skin just crunches in your mouth and the chicken meat is juicy to the bone. I think this dish costs about $11 and I thought it was a pretty good deal considering that you get a large piece of chicken and a good serving of rice. Pickled vegetables are also served with this dish.

Combination broken rice~ another one of my favourite dishes from Thanh and Thanh. You get a fried egg, shredded pork, roast pork and fried pork with pickled vegetables, a bowl of soup and accompanying sauce. This is my to-order dish as you get just about everything on a plate and you are never get bored with what you are eating. Think crunchy fried pork, think oozing egg yolk, think pork crackling, think acidity from the vegetables. Again, I vaguely remember that this dish costs about $11.

The accompanying sauce which is a nice concoction of fish sauce, lime juice and other ingredients that I am unsure of but I trust that it does help create the perfect sauce to drizzle all over your rice:)

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Joe said...

Not much for Vietnamese food but this looks delicious. Might have to rethink my convictions.