Monday, April 29, 2013


If you follow my blog, you would realize that North Adelaide, in particular, O'Connell Street, is a special place for me as it's where I have lived for 3 years since my arrival in Australia. Back then, there weren't many dessert options for the sugarholics (like yours truly) and the nearest dessert cafe that you can go to would be Elephant Walk, located on Melbourne Street. Being a student means walking is probably the most convenient and affordable transport you can get at 10pm and thus, I have only crawled to Melbourne Street a handful of times.

Now....students living in the nearby colleges are lucky enough to experience the exciting pop up of new shops along O'Connell. Chocolatree opened up a year after I moved out of college (say in 2011?) and although they had a rocky initial start, I am glad to see that things have improved which resulted in a steady line of customers on most nights. What more could you ask for on a cold, rainy winter night other than sharing a steaming hot cup of chocolate with friends?:)

Hazelnut macaron~ the marriage between hazelnut and chocolate reminds me of having a ferrero rocher and that's what I get when I sink my teeth into this little fella. It many not be one of the better macaron shells that I have tasted but I did enjoy the overall flavour of it.

Hot chocolate~ this was a much better version of the one I had a while ago and I am pleased to know that the drink maestro did put in effort into conjuring a beautiful motif on the cuppa.

Belgium waffles with vanilla ice cream, strawberries and chocolate~ I can never say no to waffles, chocolate, ice cream and fruit at a chocolate dessert cafe. The waffle tasted alright to me but the highlight on the entire plate would be the sinfully delicious miniature bowl of melted chocolate that I have used to drench my waffle in. The chocolate was warm to touch and goes down well, especially on a cold night.

Iced chocolate~ bonus points for the addition of chocolate bits in the drink. Was a decent drink that we did not have any problems slurping up.

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