Thursday, April 11, 2013

By Blackbird pastries

If you are following By Blackbird on facebook, you would know that they are constantly updating their facebook page with mouth-watering pictures of their latest kitchen experiments. These pictures were so tempting that I have to beg people to accompany me to satisfy my cravings!

One thing that I like about By Blackbird is that they frequently push themselves to create new delights that are sooo delicious and fresh from the oven. The pastry chef, Chakey does not compromise quality over quantity and hence, if's probably best to visit them in the morning/ afternoon to get your hands on their goodies otherwise you may not get any at all!

The boy and I arrived at about 11am on Sunday (which is considered early for us!) and realized that most of the pastries have ran out! I swear we were kicking ourselves for arriving so late! Nevertheless, we still managed to grab the remaining pastries on display. Thank goodness there were still some goodies left!

By Blackbird is notorious for their pastries and this includes their croissants. Yes, croissants. These were made in the wee hours of the morning and baked just before the cafe opens. I love all their croissant variations. Chocolate, plain or crumble. Extremely delicious and irresistible. Highly recommended!!

Another one of my favourites from them is their quiches. Chakey sure does know how to roll those layers of pastries well. Crumbly, flaky and light. The quiche filling is not too heavy and still had a nice flavour to it. Another highly recommended item, regardless of what type of filling you pick!

If you have a sweet tooth like me, how about some yummy lemon tarts? I secretly wish I could hire Chakey to be my personal chef but doubt I could afford her! This zesty and creamy tart is the perfect pick-me-up for any dull days. Petite but yet, absolutely satisfying. I am raving about this place because it is seriously good!

The boy's favourite is their orange iced chocolate drink (which sadly, I never did get to have any because he always slurps all of it for himself). Rest assured, it is good otherwise he will attempt to "share" it with me lol.

Trust me, you will not regret your visit here. And Chakey does bake cakes for special events, tailored to suit the audience's taste. Have not tried any of her cakes yet and if I do, will definitely update it here!:)


Victoria Yap said...

Have you tried From Scratch Patisserie? Their pastries are really good too!

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