Saturday, April 20, 2013

Easter dinner recap

Easter was almost a month ago and hence, making this a very belated blogpost. I had fun cooking at my sister and brother's place despite the slight tedious tasks required. We have leftover ingredients from the cookout and it will probably be food to fuel energy for the following week. How blessed are we to have abundant of food when others around the globe live in poverty. Must always give thanks for the mercy bestowed upon us.

Made beef stew as we wanted a warm and hearty dish to keep our tummies warm and fuzzy. Tomatoes, carrots and potatoes is a must (in my opinion) for any stew.

Browned and caramelized the meat and vegetable pieces prior to placing them in a slow cooker to simmer over a few hours.

This year, I wanted to attempt a roast lamb rack and decided to add a crumb element to it. Seasoned the lamb rack with the good ol' salt and pepper and placed the entire rack on a hot pan to get the fatty part of the lamb cooking.

As you may notice, it was no easy job to melt every inch of fat on the lamb but I still tried to anyways. After frying off the fats until it's brown and appears crispy, I placed the lamb rack into a 180C oven to cook further. Took it out after 10 minutes to crumb it with freshly chopped parsley and breadcrumbs. Stuck the entire tray back into the oven for a further 15 minutes.

The next task was to start roasting potatoes and butternut pumpkin for that fibrous component of our meal. I boiled the potatoes for 5 minutes, washed them and sauteed them in a pan filled with rosemary oil.

Baked it at 180C with the lamb.

Random photos of my sister's colleague's falafel. Interesting middle eastern patties that I have never tried before but I did think it was deliciousssss..

Crunchy on the outside and flavoured with various types of spices.

Beef stew done and plated. Apologies for the poor picture outcome...Would have been better if it was placed in a deeper bowl rather than a shallow one. Oh wells...

The roasted lamb rack after some butchering was conducted. Looks inviting, doesn't it? :)

I have read somewhere that lamb goes well with chimichurri dressing (a type of mint and lime dressing). I thought it tasted nice but the idea was not accepted by the dinner guests. What do you think?

Last but not least, the pictures of the chocolate bunnies that have sacrificed their lives to feed our gluttony over Easter. Till we meet again next year!

p.s: the ferrero rocher bunny was delicious!

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