Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hong Kee Restaurant

I simply cannot rave enough about this restaurant. Each and every visit is always welcomed with a warm, friendly smile from the owner who would quickly have you seated and attended to. It does remind me of those moments where I visited my relatives' homes for meals. No pretentious services and you will definitely be taken care of!

Stir-fry beancurd with vegetables~ Vegetables stirfried with beancurd pieces in an oyster based sauce. This dish was piping hot upon exit from the kitchen and the vegetable pieces were cooked al dente. Not too soggy and not too raw. Delicious!

Rainbow steak~ I have no idea why is this dish called rainbow steak. It is composed of beef stripes, deep fried until it is golden and crispy before being drizzled with a good portion of sticky, sweet sauce. The amount of beef stripes on the plate was plentiful and still retained a juicy, succulent texture.

Roast pork~ crackling, check. Moist meat pieces, check. Sauce for drizzling, check. A clear winner and what I like about this particular place's roast pork is that the meat does not have any undesirable poultry smell to it (some of the other Chinese restaurant's roast pork have that strange smell, making it an uncomfortable dining experience).

Do try out this restaurant and let me know what you think! It is opened for lunch and dinner but do be mindful that they are closed on certain days:) Bon appetit!

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