Saturday, April 13, 2013

Malaysian market trip

One of the highlights from my trip back to Malaysia would be going to the "wet" morning market. In Malaysia, a wet market refers to a buzzing outdoor commercial centre whilst dry market, well, refers to a supermarket (the ones you get from a shopping complex).

As a growing adolescent in Malaysia, I used to frequent the weekend morning market visits. It trains me to get up early in the morning (as compared to snoozing until midday) and I get to nibble on yummy street snacks along the way. Truth is, none of these ever did happened. I would get up in the morning for the trip and by noon aka after lunch, I am back to slumberland. And...all I did at the market was gawk at the sweet stuff on display and watch the food stall owner's prepare meals for their customers. Nevertheless, those were fun moments that I did enjoy back then.

Without further ado, here is a run down on how to spend a typical Saturday morning at the wet market!

For some reason, my food pictures (which should appear after the scenic photos) appeared first! I'm assuming they are screaming for attention so let's concentrate on them, alright? At Seksyen 17 wet market, one of my favourite food dishes to look out for would be their pork ball noodles. Drenched in savoury sauce and topped with minced pork, garnished with spring onions, this bowl of noodles is a must have for me.

My favourite childhood drink? Soya bean milk drink. It's probably loaded with sugar and artificial flavourings but heck, I can drink liters of this without getting bored.

Back to the bowl of pork noodles, it is customary to toss the noodles around to ensure that the sauce seeps into all the right spots. No sire, you do not want to tummy a mouthful of dry noodles because it's going to be a dry ride down the throat!

My dad usually does a takeaway on most saturdays for a decent sized styrofoam box of chicken rice (minus my growing brother who prefers having an extra large serving!). Barbequed pork, roasted pork and Chinese style roast chicken; plates of fragrant steamed rice and little bowls containing soup and chilli sauce. I must have ate like a monster that day (and I am not regretting it hahahah!). Juicy, succulent and tasty meat pieces, dripping with chilli sauce. Yummy!

Dad usually has his cuppa of teh tarik but with less sugar!

Prior to tucking in for lunch, we wandered around the market whilst dad sources out for his cooking ingredients. Such a different atmosphere to the ones I am used to seeing at Adelaide' Central Market.

Bak chang aka glutinous rice dumplings. Glutinous rice, slices of Chinese sausages, marinated meat and Chinese mushroom all wrapped up.

Tropical fruits aplenty here in Malaysia but with the recent change in economy, prices of local produces have escalated and it is a growing norm to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from the supermarkets. I do hope that the local farmer's market does not head towards extinction.

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