Saturday, March 22, 2014

December to march mobile uploads: food, product haul, clothes, places

This has got to be one of the most overdue mobile uploads. I must have been overly boggled down with other blog posts that I forgot to include a snippet of my life here...well, not that it really matters anyways but there are some nice pictures from my weekly wandering around Adelaide:)

No.5 houses this uber addictive coffee bean chocolate and in my opinion, you simply cannot miss this place if you are in Hahndorf.

Rundle Street has always been known as a slightly more posh part of Adelaide. Lots of dessert cafes and yummy restaurants located on this street.

On days when I feel like having rice, I must have bibimbap, one of my favourite Korean rice dishes that has a few ingredients perfectly arranged in a bowl. Bottoms up!

Gelatissimo will always be one of my go-to gelato places in Adelaide. Various flavours to choose from and most of the times, friendly staff service:)

Connoisseur ice cream is indeed for the gourmet foodies out there. It is about $2 more expensive that some of the other ice cream ranges but at times, you can grab a good bargain if it's on special in your local supermarket. The exotic flavours are seldom on special but they are worth a try if your grocery budget allows it:)

One cannot go to the Adelaide's central market without squeezing in time to visit the market bakeries. Delight yourself in either a croissant, danish pastry, mini tarts or even traditional sweets like balaklava.

Most of you should know by now that I love clothes. This item from Saints and Secrets in Myers was too pretty to resist but sadly, I doubt I'll be wearing it anytime soon due to lack of events in my dairy =/

Bing Boy is easily spotted in most food courts and for about $8, your food will be freshly prepared in front of you in less than 5 minutes.

Coffee talks at Bar 9. Favourite place to have brekkie for special occasions or when I feel like having something sweet for brekkie:)

Vietnamese bahn mi aka bread roll. It's usually a baguette shaped bread that is stuffed with pickled vegetables, roasted meat (chicken or pork) and given a good squirt of chilli sauce. Finger licking good and ideal for those on the go.

I am obsessed with this forever new heart blouse!!

Vietnamese pancake atNghi Ngan Quan, filled with loads of vegetables such as bean sprouts, lettuce, pickles and slices of meat or prawns. Very filling and probably not something to order if you are a small eater.

Black star pastry's rosewater watermelon cake third attempt. So much better than the previous two attempts:)

Macarons and mimco freebies. I love my life.

Green tea cookies with bits of white chocolate.

Notice how good the watermelon cake looks? I managed to bake the dacquoise layers at the right temperature and put a lot of effort into grinding those almonds!!

A day in the kitchen.

Was at crown plaza adelaide for some company dinner bites. Yummo!

An autographed cook book by Callum Hahn. Happiness overloaded.

Was at Pho Han to satisfy a craving for Vietnamese cuisine.

And to sign off from today's post, a selfie of your's truly in a Zara ensemble. Love Zara but if only they had more choices here in Adelaide.

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