Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert

The last time I was here (as seen on this post), you probably guessed that I had an average experience...but because I am a sugar addict and I am clearly obsessed with sweets, I decided to pop by again but this time, try out something different.

Previously, I was craving for waffles but at this very moment, I am clueless and spent what felt like 10 minutes flipping through the menu, trying to decide what to have. Admittedly, most of the sweets listed sounds tempting which probably did not help at all:/ Somehow, the list was shortlisted according to my budget and current diet (trying to limit sugar intake before my overseas trip) and a decision was made.

Chocolate croissant ~ the chocolate band around the croissant reminded me of Pierre Herme's green tea croissant and to be honest, it looked very impressive. Sliced into it and was secretly delighted to be greeted by a lovely waft of buttery, flaky layers that tastes sooo good when dunked into dark chocolate. I assumed it would have tasted a lot more "fresh-er" when it first came out from the oven but at 9pm, doubt I'll be whinging.

Churros for two ~ I think I have revived my liking for churros. It was freshly made to order and had a nice crunchy exterior and soft, pillow-y interior which are well coated with cinnamon sugar for a unique spice flavour. Dipped this into the melted dark chocolate and I was transported into chocolate heaven. Definitely worth a try if you do visit St. Louis (and do not forget about their finger licking yummy ice cream flavours:)

Sunday satisfaction achieved. Perhaps I should have shot down the dark chocolate mix. Any thoughts? :)

p.s: these photos were taken using my iPhone..couldn't manage to bring down my main camera due to time constraints.

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