Saturday, March 8, 2014

Noodle Kingdom

At 2.30pm, the brother and I had not many options to choose from for lunch. Most of the cafes that we wanted to try out were closed on Monday and it left us pretty demoralized after anticipating a good meal to start out day..albeit a bit late! So...with not many choices on hand, we decided to venture to Chinatown where surely we can squeeze ourselves into a restaurant that operates throughout the day. Thankfully, we did.

Noodle Kingdom opened when I was in first year at uni. I frequently this place at an alarming rate to get my noodle fix. And the fact that the dishes here are very affordable for a student's pocket, it was an irresistible treat after a meh day at uni.

But that was sometime ago and I could hardly remember what I had sampled back then :p This time round, I made a mental note to blog about it before I forget *applause* !!

Hong Kong fried noodles with seafood ~ The noodles here are handmade and pulled to reach the desired length so it was not surprising that I struggled a bit with trying to not make a mess! I always loved eating noodles and so, was more than happy to brace myself for some slurping episodes. The seafood pieces were probably frozen but at $11.90, I am not expecting gourmet food at all. Portion was big and certainly filled me up.

Pork chops with egg and chinese vegetables ~ the brother wanted a meaty treat and voila, we have pork chops. The size of this bowl filled the brother's big appetite well.

On a side note, this place is probably not for the health conscious consumer. I believe that the cook did add a very generous amount of oil to every plate/ bowl that he serves but then again, it is probably their way of preparing the noodles. Love their noodles and large portion size and at 2.30pm, we were certainly not fussy:)
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