Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Andre's Cucina and Polenta Bar, Frome Street ADL

Everybody knows how much I love my gnocchis and risottos, both are something that I must have at any Italian restaurants or cafes. When I was asked for tea here, why not? Having said that, I have not had polenta before so it could swing favours eitherways.

Service here is efficient and friendly. Our lovely waitress took care of our needs and recommended us to have the Menu Fisso aka a tasting menu from the kitchen. Seeing as it was our first time, we went for the option that allowed us to sample as much as we could. The menu changes quite frequently so one would need to order from the blackboard (a lil hard to see depending on where you sit but just ask the staff if needed:)

The atmosphere was just buzzing with happy chatter despite the heavy downpour outside.

Kingfish carpaccio ~ carpaccio's seems to be a trend these days but admittedly, it something that can appear on your table within a few minutes of ordering. Fresh and thin slices of fish with a good drizzle of olive oil on bread. Taking fish sandwiches to a new level I say:)

Please forgive me for my lack of food description (I don't recall what I had and I have nowhere to refer to!). This was akin a cheesy fondue with some capsicum, garlic and onion spread on top. We used the crusty slices of bread that it came with and slapped some of the cheese onto it. Cheese and toast levelled up!

Gnocchi with braised meat ~ yum and yum. I love gnocchi and this made me squirm with excitement. Yes, the gnocchis were pillow-y soft and when paired with the robust flavoured braised meat, I could easily finish the entire dish myself.

Polenta with mushrooms, pesto and pinenuts ~ first time having polenta and I can say that I am a fan but it does have an interesting taste. Not grainy but rather, smooth in texture and spreads quite easily.

Steak with a side of roasted potatoes ~ not much flamboyant flavours needed here. Jusst a good cut of steak seasoned well. Won't hurt to have a smashing serve of crunchy potato cubes next to it too! Roasted potatoes are a must have in my books!

Chocolate gnocchi with hazelnut shards and vanilla anglaise ~ more gnocchi but with chocolate. This has got to be one of the yummiest gnocchi variations that I have tasted. Dark chocolate was incorporated into the gnocchi and that made a lot of difference. So good and although a bit quirky, I will definitely order this again.

Can't go by without a bottle of Italian dessert wine. I must be unleashing my alcoholic side lately haha.

Overall, we had an excellent time here despite the rain and a bit of problems finding parking. Parking in the city can be a pain so make sure you plan ahead or even carpool. This made it to my list of must try Italian food in Adelaide so don't be surprised to see me here more often! Big love:)

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