Thursday, July 3, 2014

Grind It, Glenelg

Days off are always a good time to venture into new grounds, especially when you have companions that are willing to try anything. We managed to get ourselves here for their all day breakfast menu and boy, were we surprised with the crowd that churned up that rainy morning!

As it is, Grind It is a small-ish cafe that can probably sit around 25 diners and so, we waited until we got ourselves a nice spot in the middle of the cafe aka near the kitchen and not too far from the counter. Staff here are extremely friendly although, please do be mindful that service can be a bit slower when it gets crowded (as with most places). Drinks came out too quick though!;)

Freshly squeezed orange juice ~ doesn't get any better than this. Not overly sweet or sour for my liking too!

Turkish bread with omelette ~ a very healthy option but the stand out on the plate had to be the thick slices of bread that's fluffy light and so flavoursome.

Eggs benedict ~ look at that glorious slice of bread that's soaking up all the bacon and hollandaise goodness!  Bread here is amazing and definitely makes whatever it gets served with tastes yummy.

Brioche with omelette and chilli jam ~ I am obviously a bread addict and although brioche is not the healthiest option to go for, it is one of the richest ones I had. One does not need additional butter, no sirre. Chilli jam had a mild chilli kick to it so don't be worried if chilli is your nemesis! Omelette was not dry and was seasoned well. Paired with a few slices of salami, I was a happy kid afterwards:)

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