Tuesday, July 8, 2014

L'Atelier Gourmand, Goodwood

I am one of those typical girls whom dream of leading a Parisian lifestyle. However, let's just say that may not be happening until *possibly* next year, if all goes well. Even so, it will only be for at most a week due to the travel financial concerns attached.

On the flip side, I am excited to see a French bakeries and cafes pop around Adelaide. Having hear so much rave about this place, I had to drop by after a little pastry binge from the Adelaide Farmer's Market which I tend to frequent if I need a good piece of baked pastry.

Coffee here is loaded with the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and definitely a good wake up call if you are needing a coffee fix:)

French style bacon and eggs ~ a very pretty plate of food that put a smile on my face. The bits of bacon were mixed with slices of sausages and topped with a runny poached egg. As you can see, the slices of bread were generously seasoned with a rosemary rub which made it a really fragrant treat to have.

French toast with walnuts, poached pear drizzled in sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream~ I was glad that this did not turn out to be a massive slice of bread and was even happier to note that the chef poured on extra sauce for me. The bread was dipped in a caramel-ish sugar coating that, once sliced, quickly absorbs all the sauce. Very sinful dish to have on a late afternoon but not something that I regretted. Ice cream had visible vanilla bean spots that can only mean that this is homemade and not a manufactured product. Well done!

Good food, well decorated dishes and a serene environment to spend a lazy day at. What more can I say? If you need a little French atmosphere, why not pop by?:)

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