Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sushi Gallery, Felixstow

Second time in a month and here I am again, feeding myself with piping hot Korean favourites. Winter is always the best time for hot pots/ stews, without a doubt. This time round we tried a few other dishes, some, a little unorthodox.

Takoyaki ~ If I go to a Thai restaurant, I would order Thai food and not something that they do not specialize in. Hence, the facepalm I made when my sis ordered this out of curiousity. Not that it was a bad thing tho. The takoyaki balls were well made and fresh out of the fryer. A good appetizer to start our meal.

Dragon roll~ After eating sushi in Adelaide for sometime, I found that most places serve common variations. This was no strange to me. I enjoyed it very much although it's not something I would usually order at a Korean restaurant (saving tummy space for other delights!).

Beef bulgogi ~ came out sizzling on a hot plate and meat was juicy and tender. I find that beef bulgogi dishes always lean towards the sweeter side of a savoury dish. No complaints whatsoever and in terms of portion size, sufficient.

Japchae ~ as seen here.

Beef noodles with dumplings hot pot ~ this came as a surprise as we were expecting a stew with either chilli paste or bean paste. The pot arrived on our table with a semi-clear broth, noodles, thin slices of beef and mushrooms. We were advised to consume it after 3 minutes of cooking to which, we did otherwise the noodles will end up soggy and unappealing. I loved this dish purely because I found it different and very refresehing. Broth slowly thickened whilst bubbling and went down well with the assortment of vegetables in it.

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