Saturday, June 7, 2014

Chanoma cafe, George Street Sydney

I was on a dessert hunt a couple of weeks prior to arriving in Sydney and had browsed what felt like hundreds of dessert cafe reviews. A few slipped out of my radar and that would have to wait until the next trip (eg Zumbo's balmain shop..why so far??!!). We roamed around the CBD area and so, my options were rather restricted, depending on time constraints.

However, I did gather over the internet that there's a really good dessert cafe that serves purely green tea desserts and I made a mental note to head there. The place was packed with people, mostly there for catch up sessions. The menu was very specific in that it's either an ice cream based dessert or a drink, whatever suits your fancy. They do serve hot dog and fries but we just had dinner so maybe on a separate occasion.

Matcha anmitsu ~ green tea ice cream served with chunky red bean paste, jellies and glutinous rice balls. Ice cream had a very prominent green tea flavour which tasted good with the chunky bits of red bean. The glutinous rice balls and jellies added a bit more texture to the otherwise "mushy" dish and I was very happy with it overall:)

Green tea frappe ~ I like anything sweet but this one took me by surprise. It was not as sweet as I had imagined it to be and had a very strong green tea scent. Definitely a good option if you prefer something not too sweet and still yummy.

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