Friday, June 6, 2014

Home Thai Restaurant, Sussex Street in Sydney

More blog posts on my Sydney trip and this time round, I dropped by a Thai restaurant. Despite living in a country next to Thailand, Thai cuisine is not something that we commonly have regardless of the occassion. I slowly developed an interest towards Thai food over the years living in North Adelaide, a place that's very close to many finger licking Thai restaurants.

I have been to Chat Thai last July to which, I concluded Thai food in Sydney is a tad more spicier compared to Adelaide's versions but on the flip side, there are a lot more affordable options to choose from. Home Thai was no different to Chat Thai. It had the same relaxed ambience that pairs really well with the robust flavoured food they serve.

Coconut juice and Thai milk tea ~ interestingly enough, I did not realize there's a Thai milk tea version which tasted rather similar to teh tarik (Malaysian pulled tea with condensed milk) except that their's were a bit more sweeter. Still pretty good in my opinion:)

Green papaya salad ~ Papaya or paw paw is a favourite among us South East Asians and so, we couldn't miss trying this out. I immediately fell in love with the crunchy and refreshing thin slices of papaya. The vinaigrette was a simple lime and palm sugar mixture that was subtly mild to taste. I was happy to have a generous serve of peanuts and dried shrimp in the salad which lent the dish a lot of texture.

Pad Kee Mao with chicken ~ the waiter allowed us to choose the chilli level of the dish and somebody made a horrific mistake of uttering spicy without much thought. The dish was indeed spicy but we managed to dig through it without too much water breaks and were still able to taste the noodles and its companion ingredients. Only mistake somebody made was to bite into a tiny piece of chilli that spiraled into a few minutes of unstoppable pain. Haha.

Durian sticky rice ~ I wanted to have desserts as it sounded very enticing on the menu. Noticed there's a durian dish on board and I could not say no. The sticky rice was beautifully coloured and topped with some durian flesh and drizzled generously with coconut milk. So sinfully yummy!

Mango sticky rice ~ an alternative to the durian sticky rice dish but with less coconut milk involved. Still loved this one although if I had a choice, the durian sticky rice wins hands down.

Overall, we had an enjoyable lunch meal here. The service is very efficient and quick, no time wasted whatsoever. The food was affordable, delicious and definitely made me look up flight fares for my next Sydney trip!

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Yvonne Tee said...

Am a big fan of the som tum too! This looks really good. :)