Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chocolateria San Churros, Gouger Street

San Churros is currently running a promotion throughout this month whereby as long as you "check in" to any of their outlets, you are entitled to get double the amount of churros for the same price. So naturally, this lured the bunch of us here, noting that we weren't too hungry but were craving for sweets:)

Toblerone cheesecake ~ This reminded me of a chilled cheesecake rather than a baked version. It's not too heavy for our liking and had a mild toblerone taste to it.

Hot chocolate ~ not too bad although would have liked a bit more chocolate punch to it.

Salted caramel milkshake ~ a little too sweet for our liking but if you are really keen on something sweet, by all means go ahead.

Churros for two which ended up to be enough for 4 people ~ churros were lightly dusted with cinnamon sugar for that extra bit of flavour. Odd but true, all of us were inclined to dipping our churros into the milk chocolate puddle rather than the dark chocolate version. Not that it was a bad thing but the slightly milkier chocolate complimented the churros better. Personal opinion!

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