Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Little Canton Chinese Restaurant, Mile End

It's been awhile since I last had Chinese food in Adelaide, mainly because I have yet to find a restaurant or cafe that makes me want to crawl back. I am a bit picky when it comes to Chinese food and I blame it on having too much good food from Malaysia! In Malaysia, good food does not always come with a heavy price tag attached and it was something the family and I have on most occasions.

However, I do find that Chinese food is always a good option when it comes to sharing. The fun lies in brainstorming to pick something to order from the menu and sharing the victory among the group.

Little Canton had undergone a change of management a few months ago and so, we decided it might be worthwhile to pop by and suss the place out. We went here for lunch on a thursday arvo. I was a little disappointed because there's nobody was pushing any dim sum trolleys (a traditional must-do at dim sum restaurants but I guess there's not enough customers to warrant the need for a trolley).

Fried squid tentacles ~ delicious and tasted almost identical to the one prepared under the previous management. Not sure if the chefs had changed but oh wells.

Fried radish cake ~ not too flour-ish and had the right semi-soft texture for me.

Seafood dim sum ~ not too bad although the wrapper was a tad thick.

Chicken feet ~ something that I find hard to stomach and never did attempt to eat it. No verdict here, unfortunately:)

Vegetarian dim sum ~ not too bad but again, the wrapper skin could be improved on.

Char siew bao aka roasted pork bao ~ I am going to be a bit biased with my statement, mainly because I have had good ones from back home. The roasted pork could be better with just a bit more marinade although the bao's texture is fluffy and soft.

Fried shrimp wonton ~ wished this one came with some mayonnaise dipping sauce but then again, that must just be overloading in the calories. Not bad although a bit messy to eat.

Ma lai kuih ~ fluffy, soft and arrived warm at our table. Yums!

Fried taro puffs ~ one of my favourites and Little Canton did deliver well. Crispy and flaky puff layers enclosing a warm taro and pork filling. Not bad at all.

Overall, I found that the food here tasted rather similar to the ones I had under the previous management. Tasted decent but be warned, yum cha or dim sum is not exactly cheap. Prices per dish range from $4 to $8, depending on what ingredient you pick so don't go crazy ordering everything!

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