Tuesday, June 3, 2014

By Blackbird again!

If I have not already stressed out how much I love this place, then this blog post must be a reminder to all about how good it is. I very rarely rave about any particular outlet because sometimes, popularity could actually trigger the downfall of any business due to overconfidence issues. However, this is not the case with Blackbird as they are consistently good despite an increase in customer turnover.

We headed here a few weeks ago and were lucky enough to grab a few of the remainder pastries left on the display counters. Lots of pastries were sold out and although I would have liked pastry chef, Chakey, to make dozens of pastries daily, I'm sure it may compromise the quality of each one. Hence the limited numbers. So the early bird gets the worm!

We ordered our favourite iced chocolate orange drink which turned out to be pretty refreshing on that warm day. No regrets whatsoever.

And so, we had a mini pastry feast with some of chakey's best creations. Lemon tart, croissant, quiche lorraine, apple tart and a few mini macarons. All truly divine and if you ever need a good pastry fix, head over to Blackbird on King William Road. You won't be disappointed! I have been here numerous times for taste testing haha:)

Pastry is always light, buttery, fresh and flaky with a good amount of sugar added to it. The lemon tart is consistently smooth textured and has a good balance of acidity in it whilst the quiche is always generously filled with good ingredients to satisfy me.

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