Friday, June 13, 2014

Sushi Gallery

On a cold and wet day in Adelaide, there is nothing better than staying indoors aka at home for me. Age could partly be responsible for this new found little pleasure that I have as I could no longer be bothered bundling myself in multiple layers of cloth nor get myself soaked outdoors. The comfort of lying in my own bed with a cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee with a good book or movie seems more tempting than before.

However, one does have to venture out for food, especially when there's not much supplies indoors and hence, our prompt trip to this restaurant which appears to be very popular despite the limited seating area available. Menu wise, there are lots of options to choose from, ranging  from noodles, rice, hot pots, dishes to Japanese alternatives such as sushi and Japanese rice bowls. We steered clear from the Japanese option as, after all, it is a Korean restaurant operated by Koreans.

At just about every Korean restaurant, you will be served a few mini side dishes that usually involves kimchi, potato and bean sprouts. Different restaurants serve different dishes though.

Garlic pork ~ tender and juicy pieces of meat that have been well marinated and cooked for us, topped with a good serving of capsicum, onions and peanuts. Not bad at all.

Japchae ~ this is the traditional Korean buckwheat noodle dish that can be a yes or no to some. The noodles tend to build up on their starch levels if you do not eat it immediately and unlike other japchaes that I have had, this one was not as sweet in comparison. Not that it is a bad thing but I just find it different. I am no Korean expert but still found it equally yummy and as you can see, lots of shredded carrot pieces tossed in to make this meal balanced:)

Pork ribs with spring onions and potato stew ~ the broth here is very flavourful and although I am not a big fan of picking meat out from bone fragments, the meat was soft enough to tear away from the bone. Not so time consuming and I found it a lot helpful although would have liked the bones to come in smaller chunks as it can be a very messy process. We had this with a steaming bowl of rice which gets flooded with the broth. A very pleasant dish to have especially on a cold day:)

Overall, we were satisfied with the dishes that we had. Have not tried the other options but will pop by in the future to sample the other dishes. Not much front of shop service during the lunch hour that I appeared but you still get enough attention and a polite smile from staff.

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