Sunday, June 1, 2014

Seoul Korean Restaurant

Over the last few years, I have acquired a few tricks for cooking Korean food from my Korean friends which subsequently, made me shudder at a few costly Korean restaurants that serves up really simple home cooked Korean food. Jjigae or stew, is a very popular favourite among the Koreans especially during the cooler months as it does indeed keep them warmed up. Too often, I would see jjigae on a menu and knowing that it's not too difficult to recreate, I tend to go for other options.

Seoul Korean is one of the few restaurants that had been approved by my fellow Korean friends and they were happy to revisit this place over and over again. Hence, I decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to do so as Adelaide approaches the wet and cold winter climate.

It is common to be served a few mini side dishes that comprises of kimchi, pickled bean sprouts and sweetened potato pieces. Some restaurants allow for free refills but be warned as some may charge, especially if you're not with a Korean friend who can easily convince the waitress for continual supply of side dishes #winning

We ordered the jjigae which had beef innards. Not exactly my cup of tea but for some reason, the soup retained a lot of good flavours from the beef and so, made up for my lack of interest towards innards. Not to mention the generous amount of tofu, zucchini, noodles and other types of veges in the pot. Say goodbye to constipation forever haha.

We also ordered a sizzling hot plate of beef ribs that have been marinated in some sort of sweet-ish sauce. The sauce is pretty caramelized and had thickened up around the ribs. Very succulent indeed and something that I could eat all by myself. Highly recommended:)

As you may know, we were filled to the brim after we tucked into our warm meals. Satisfaction achieved! Do give this place a go if you crave for good and authentic Korean food, ideal for sharing with family and friends:)

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