Friday, August 29, 2014

By Blackbird on 100KWR, King William Road ADL

I cannot believe it is almost close to a month since I've left Adelaide. Looking at pictures makes me miss the comfort and close knit atmosphere that Adelaide provided me with throughout those years. Now that I have my internet up and running after weeks of waiting, I can finally blog about all the little places I have visited/ revisited during those final days. Gosh, when did time ticked by so fast?

My favourite little cafe blossomed into a bigger establishment to which, I knew I must visit before I leave. If you follow my blog, you may realize I have a strong attachment to all things sweet and pastries. By Blackbird had been sitting on top of my sweet list and so, if you're in Adelaide, do not miss the opportunity to head here!

New additions to the display cabinet includes little treats that are not really pastry based. Here we have a vanilla slice, a chocolate popsicle that encases orange mousse and marmalade jam and what I like to refer to as a ferrero rocher cake. Haha I am not the best person at remembering names so do forgive me!:)

Mocha croissant was uber yummy and compared to plain croissants, this one was a little more dense as it does have a thin layer of mocha in some of the layers. How could one resist a croissant, what more a croissant that is topped with chocolate?:) I'm drooling as we speak here.

In short, pastry chef Chakey had outdone herself and expanded her repertoire a lot but regardless of how successful Blackbird is, one can be assured that quality would not be compromised. No complaints for every item I had that day and to sum up, it was a perfect sweet treat to close my Adelaide chapter:)

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