Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Melt Pizzeria, King William Road ADL

One of the last few places that I managed to squeeze into my itinerary prior to departing. Fortunately, it was a Sunday which meant that there's the possibility of seats being available for last minute walk-ins. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful which made the overall experience all the more enjoyable.

Hot chilli chicken wings ~ these were spicy hot so be warned. I have a good tolerance towards spicy food and this probably sits on 7/10 on my records. Chicken wings were juicy and marinated well.

Slow roasted beef with salad ~ not too bad although the portion was a bit small for us.

Baked gnocchi with cream, peas, pesto and spinach ~ As a gnocchi addict, I needed to try this out. True enough, gnocchi was pillow-y soft and instantly melts away. Not a big fan of cream based sauces but on the bright side, all the individual elements of the dish married well.

Funghi pizza with mushrooms, truffle oil, watercress, thyme, egg and parmesan ~ if only we could have more! Pizza base was thin enough for our liking and seasoned well. Dough-y thick pizzas often makes me bloated and thirst towards the end of the meal. Thankfully, this did not happen:)

Calzone ~ I believe this is a different version of your traditional pizza. Rather than exposing all the ingredients, this variation blankets all the ingredients and keeps them succulent throughout the cooking process. Not bad at all:)

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