Monday, September 15, 2014

LuxBite, South Yarra MELB

I cannot believe how fast time flew since I last visited Luxbite (as seen here aka blog post dated back in 2011!). Luxbite has obviously expanded itself heaps since then and I can see a lot of new additions to the cake display and on their Instagram account:)

Bread pudding with pandan anglaise ~ yummm..The warmth from the pandan flavoured cream turned this non-Asian treat into something that I am familiar with. If I am stick thin, drinking this may be an option. However, I did drown every piece of bread pudding with it:p

Lollipop bag cake ~ as seen on Masterchef, this was something I had to try out. True enough, each and every layer is prepared separately and somehow harmonizes well. I can taste the mint, popping candy, banana essence and redskin layers. A very fun piece of cake but definitely not a piece of cake to make!

Green tea cheesecake ~ I have been meaning to make green tea cheesecake for some time but never knew what how to incorporate it with the cheesy ingredient. And having this, I might have an idea although I am not sure how I'm going to pull it off haha. Not overly bitter nor too sweet for my liking. If only it was a bit bigger (more for me!)

Macarons ~ I have had these before in the past and was wowed by it. Am still blown away by them but this time round, I have the luxury of dropping by every weekend to grab a few pieces as opposed to doing takeaways! These little things are packed full of flavour!:)

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