Friday, September 5, 2014

Hahndorf Inn Hotel, Hahndorf ADL

Hahndorf is yet another place that every single incoming tourist to Adelaide should visit. According to history, the Germans did settle down in Adelaide and Hahndorf is one of the few remaining places that still houses the descents of the German settlers. And what better way to showcase the best of the culture than via a good restaurant/ pub with a few German favourites?

If anyone wants to experience a bit of German influence at home, why not give this Herman the German cake recipe which is pretty easy to prepare and can be shared among your friends:)

As the sister and I are both small eaters, we opted to share a plate of three different types of sausages that is accompanied by saukraust (pickled cabbage), a side of cold potato salad and a must have pretzel. We were also served with three different types of mustards to choose from, depending on the level of spiciness.

Do note that for more people, it may be wiser to share the bigger plates of food as you do get value for money and you can definitely try out a whole lot more!

Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream ~ this is your daily intake of apples. Yep, this little piece of strudel was stuffed to the brim with apples that were cooked with cinnamon and raisins until it reaches a semi-soft stage. Paired the warm pastry with ice cream and it was too good to resist.

Black forest cake ~ I was informed that black forest is a treat that originated from Germany and so, what better way than to have it in Hahndorf. Not overly rich or moreish but rather, light and had subtle hints of alcohol from the soaked cherries. Yummo!

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