Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Petaling Street, Little Bourke Street MELB

Melbourne is truly a hub for Malaysian food and wherever you go, you will surely bump into a Malaysian inspired restaurant. Fortunately, food prices does not cost an arm and a leg although it is a lot more dearer if compared to prices back home. Nevertheless, knowing that comfort food lies at your fingertips is always a positive aspect to take in.

After mindlessly stumbling around Little Bourke Street aka Chinatown, we decided to dine here as it was probably the least crowded of the lot and we could quickly have dinner prior to departing the CBD region. Service is quick and you do get a good selection of food. Us not being too hungry decided to fill ourselves with a couple of seafood dishes.

Sambal clams ~ not too bad in terms of taste but for the price we paid, we did expect that the clams were probably not fresh off the boat this morning.

Deep fried fish with spicy sambal sauce ~ a lot of gravy goes a long way. Again, not something to rave about but for the price, its justifiable. We had a few pieces of petai scattered around the dish so I shall give it some points for authencity:)

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