Saturday, September 6, 2014

Osteria De Mesa, Glen Osmond Road ADL

My previous experience here had steered me from stepping in, especially if I am after a peaceful dinner where conversations can actually be heard. Food and service were top notch back then so these facts outweighed the negative perception of the place. Last meal in Adelaide and probably the final chapter of my Adelaide food hunt.

Arrived a few minutes later but were still welcomed in with a friendly smile and shown our table which had a bird's eye view of the kitchen and surrounding tables. Noticed the pasta chef diligently rolling out and shaping pasta pieces as we flip through the menu.

House made bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dipping is a must and bonus points for using good quality ingredients too!:)

Penne pollo o funghi ~ yummo. Not drowning in sauce but rather, sufficient spoons of sauce to bath the penne in.

Gnocchi di Osteria ~ This gnocchi addict ordered this and was not disappointed. The gnocchi were bite sizes for us ladies and so unbelievable soft and silky smooth. Got some pancetta tossed in for an added savoury and salty touch.

Proscuitto pizza ~ proscuitto with rockets and shaved parmesan. I am beginning to like thinner types of pizza crusts and this was not too filing for me. 

Tiramisu and Dolci di Nutella ~ Dolci di Nutella was a bit too small for sharing although it was still a very moreish piece of chocolate cake. Tiramisu was well made and definitely have that boozy factor to it. Overall, not too bad for desserts but pasta wins hands down:)

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