Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Khang Noodles, Arndale ADL

After blogging about food for the small eaters out there, this one goes out to fans of having hearty portions at reasonable prices. I have been here a few times and considering that it is located nearer to us compared to other places, it was the only choice especially when you have hungry siblings on board.

Dry combination seafood noodles ~ portion wise, this place is a bang for every dollar spent. I like my noodles with soup but I don't mind having a dry version. This bowl comes with a separate small bowl of soup which you can use to drizzle around the noodles if its too dry for your liking. I also like to have it with a bit of dry chillis, some sriracha and some of that black sauce that often sits on the corner of the table.

Beef pho ~ not the best in Adelaide but to satisfy a craving, it still hits the spot:)

Bo kho ~ This is akin to an ABC soup that consists of carrots and tomatoes but done with beef and a bucket of various spices. Very flavourful and such a treat on cold winter days. A must have here.

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