Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fa-Fah, Chadstone MELB

Quick shopping trip to Chadstone aka my new found favourite outlet that is conveniently close to home and with 70% of my favourite stores under one roof, this is the too good to be true option. Being both a shopaholic and foodie at the same time can be tiring, physically and mentally.

We stumbled upon this place out of curiousity and the scent of roasted meat was enough to draw us into the premises. No idea what to order? How about ordering the plate that has a bit of everything on it? We got a plate of roasted pork, barbequed pork and roasted chicken. Meat was very tender, juicy and flavoursome. For a non-franchised or publicity deprived outlet, I was very pleased to have popped by here because that means I can recommend new places to my peeps;)

We had the assorted meat dish with noodles that were coated in some sort of sweet-ish/ savoury-ish sauce that compliments the meat really well. Highly recommended:)

Fa-fah on Urbanspoon

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