Friday, September 5, 2014

Royal Copenhagen Ice Creamery and Dessert Bar, Henley Beach ADL

Adelaide never fails to surprise me with new places to see or new activities to do regardless of how long I have stayed here. Not sure when exactly or how did this place escaped my radar but living in the 20 minute city does have it's perks:)

Managed to get here just before dinner at around 5pm-ish and the otherwise busy establishment was absolutely serene for the three of us to rest ourselves after a massive week with assignments and work. For anyone wanting to slow down time, Adelaide is the place to be:)

A hot cup of chocolate is a must have so no questions there. Creamy and rich milk chocolate that had been prepared well by the friendly ladies behind the counter.

The main reason that pulled me towards this place was the availability of waffles. Yes, you heard me right. Waffles and lots more of it. This may not have been the best waffles I have had thus far but it does come with a reasonable price tag. a scoop of their indulgent chocolate ice cream and a cup melted milk chocolate compensated for the waffle. Again, our food were prepared with lots of love from the group behind the counter. If only we could see more of this at every restaurant or cafe:)

Winter or summer, this place is a must go to if you're in Henley beach. Imagine having this whilst listening to the gentle sea breeze and whiffing up the scent of the sea.

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