Thursday, October 16, 2014

French Fantasies and Wagyu Ya Japanese Chargrill restaurant, Toorak MELB

I am known for initiating sugar crawls especially when I have not had lunch. Indirectly, this spells disaster for both my wallet and waistline but thankfully, this only happens on the weekends so I can recuperate during the week.

Second time visiting Toorak and each visit makes me even more obsessed over it. Plenty of sweets in every corner as seen from my previous posts but this time round, it was a pastry feast. First stop was French Fantasies.

Can't really say I'm a big fan of their pastries but that's just my opinion because I have been wandering around in search for the flakiest, buttery-est and most flavourful pastries I can lay my hands on. Nevertheless, this place seems like a good spot to plant yourself down for a lazy afternoon:) Almond croissant was a little flat for my liking but that might have been due to the use of a heavier ingredient between the pastry's layers that may have prevented it from rising.

On the flipside, their berry cake was pretty good. Moist? check. Sweet? check. Yummy? big check!

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Afterwards, we brought ourselves to Zumbo's patisserie. A good outing at the recently concluded Cake Bake and Sweets expo convinced me that there's more to that man than a good macaron or V8 cake. Man can bake and create!

His pastries were yummy but I reckon the best part of the visit was having bits and pieces of his cakes. Every spoonful made me crave for more and each of these cakes are unique creations of his. Have tried at least half of the cakes on display and hopefully, I could sample the rest on my next visit!:)

This was a special one to me. It had mango jelly, a coconut rice layer and its enclosed in a thin, savoury biscuit. Not sure what the exact ingredients are but worth a try if you are after something fresh and perhaps Asian inspired?

Meet the aero cake and the chocolate cake. Zumbo's cakes are never identical and looks can be deceiving. Admittedly, both of these cakes were not too sweet for my liking although after binge-ing on them, I think I have reached my sugar quota haha.

Ok, moving on to the savoury part of this blog post. I am trying hard to make each blog post balanced in terms of sweetness and savoury pictures so please be patient;)

A few doors down the road lies Wagyu Ya, chargrill specialists. Not for the budget conscious diner but for a special occasion or as a treat, I would recommend coming here. Good atmosphere, friendly staff and the food is really good.

Octopus with wasabi ~ a little fishy for my liking but it was refreshing:)

We ordered a plate of pork belly and wagyu beef, of which, both were just divine. The slices of meat were seasoned in salt and pepper. Pretty simple but for some reason, they magically turn into something out of this world. The fat bits melted slightly over the heated grill and only needed a few minutes on each side to cook it. Can be consumed with either a sweet, pungent or basic dipping sauce, which I didn't really use because I didn't think it was necessary:p

Next on the bucket list? Brunch spots in Melbourne!!!:))

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