Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shira Nui, Glen Waverley MELB

Stressful days at work implies that I should to get out and spoil myself to end the day well. That's my mantra since I joined the work field and to be honest, everyone should practice this habit if possible. And of course, that does not always mean a hefty price tag is attached.

Shira Nui would be one of those places where I won't mind going to relax if I am not feeling very peckish. Reason being that it isn't exactly pocket friendly, especially after paying off the bills but you will get the A+ treatment. Good food, a reasonable selection of drinks and peaceful ambience, why not?

Decided to have the omakase meal whereby one sits at the chef's counter and dives into whatever the chef pulls out of his pantry. The chef would advise customers on how to eat each piece he prepares which is a good idea because some of us might be spamming soy sauce and wasabi that can potentially ruin the ingredient's true flavours.

I had the umeshu (plum wine) tasting platter which can be categorized into mild, medium and storng flavours. Not too bad at all and a good option if you're a tester like me:)

We were served a variety of different types of fish and meat. The food was really good but bear in mind that it did cost us $90pp so be warned not to have this meal if you're famished. Alternatively, their ala carte menu did look appealing and I wouldn't mind giving that a try next time.

Ended the meal with a green tea creme brulee served with ice cream. The ice cream was very creamy and goes well with the petite sized pear cubes. Would have liked more oomph from the creme brulee but still good enough to keep my sweet tooth satisfied.

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