Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lao Beijing, Glen Waverley MELB

Hong Kong will always be close to my heart despite it being almost a year since I last visited the country. The culture, food, lifestyle and most importantly, residents, made my 2013 Hong Kong trip too memorable to forget and at times, I wished time could have paused for that moment. Secretly wishing to head there again but time is not by my side.

Upon entry at Lao Beijing, it reminded me of Hong Kong. However, the name is certainly no indication that 99% of the staff here are Hongkies! I was expecting to be greeted in Mandarin but instead, got the Canto treatment which made me feel really at home!

So we ordered half of their Peking duck which includes half of the duck served with pancakes, hoisin sauce and shredded vegetables. Whilst the duck's skin was very crispy, we preferred to have less of the duck meat still attached to the skin. After all, the truly authentic Peking duck experience requires the duck's skin to have as little meat stuck to it as possible. Nevertheless, it was still a decent feed:)

Duck dumplings ~ this was the second course of the Peking duck set. The dumplings were very juicy and piping hot. The dumpling's pastry skin was paper thin which is ideal for a good dim sum.

Up next, we were recommended the chef's special pork ribs. This is a very generous dish and by the end of it, we were filled to the brim.

I was addicted to this assorted mushrooms and snow pea dish. The mushrooms were cooked until they were tender to eat and most of them had already soaked up all the yummy sauce. I could have easily finished this off myself:) Highly recommended in my books.

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