Thursday, October 30, 2014

Madam Kwongs Kitchen, Box Hill MELB

Box Hill is known to be the center of the Chinese community in Melbourne and so, restaurants and cafes have to be up to scratch to meet their customer demands. The street is not as bustling compared to Kingsway Avenue but nevertheless, it made me feel as though I was back in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Just about every shop has Chinese characters embedded in their door signs and walls!

And of course, the streets were packed full of people on Saturday and it is especially packed in the malls. Saturdays seems to be everyone's shopping day and guess who was lucky enough to rub shoulders with more than a handful of the locals?;)

On to the food story of this post, us Malaysians need to have our fix and where else than a popular little shop on the main street? This shop sells an assortment of pastes and food unique to Malaysia so if you are not sure what to have for dinner, popping over might be a good option.

Char kuey kak aka fried radish cake. I am not familiar with this dish as the one I had in Kuala Lumpur was lighter in colour and had more eggs scrambled into it. It did satisfied our hungry tummies though.

Char kuey teow ~ one cannot simply walk past a Malaysian restaurant without seeing char kuey teow on the menu. Their version had the right notch in spiciness and although it was drier than what I would have liked, it was still a chopstick licking dish.

Chee cheong fun ~ words cannot simply describe the black sauce that coats the chee cheong fun and honestly, you have to try it out yourself. I can finish off half the plate before raising the white flag as the taste can be a little too pungent after a few mouthfuls.

Overall, service was quick, food was priced well and reasonably authentic considering there are many limitations to recreating the same dish here as opposed to in Malaysia. On the flip side, one can find about four variations of durian here so if you're a durian fan, why not?:)

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